Don't be alarmed this is only a caricature I created of myself. A more appropriate photo shall be here soon....

A little something about me.

It all started twenty years ago. Like many teenagers leaving school I had no clue on what I wanted to do in life. I had always been somewhat creative but never knew what to do with it. I had a keen interest in Photoshop and decided to take my self to the London college of Printing as it was known back then. I was more interested in the pre-press side of things and that's where I excelled. Two years later and my first job was at the Daily Mail. Not a bad place to learn your trade. Fast paced, exciting and with lots of retouching and colour work I developed my skills very quickly. Anyway lets skip on 18 years as I don't want to bore anyone. Since the Daily Mail, I have worked on such national titles as: The Independent, Evening Standard, You Magazine, ES Magazine, Event Magazine, Country Homes and Interiors, plus many more. I am currently working for Time inc UK on Living.etc and 25 Beautiful homes.

Over the years I grew a love of Photography, after all I had been retouching other photographers work for over a decade. It seemed a natural progression and something i'm very passionate about. So after a few courses I decided to enrol at the British Academy of Photography and take on the Postgraduate Diploma. So here I am on a new adventure with a wealth of professional retouching experience and a passion for photography. You can rest assured that i'll provide everything you want for your experience, whatever that maybe.